PacBio Revio™ Sequencing System

Revio is a gene sequencing system that is used for human genetic analysis, cancer research, agricultural genomics, and more. It can sequence up to 1,300 whole human genomes per year for less than $1,000 per genome. Whipsaw partnered with PacBio to identify an all-new user interaction model and to design a stunning new industrial design for the instrument, including an intuitive user interface. The design improvements maximize sample throughput by enabling users to set up back-to-back runs, manage instruments remotely and monitor progress at-a-glance.

Revio’s bold architectural design language communicates sophistication, competence, and precision, exactly what the PacBio brand and technology offer. Every design element has been optimized including a simplified workflow, a perfectly flush sliding glass door with an integrated display, a woven wire ventilation grill inspired by performance cars, and intuitive physical and digital controls.



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