Bizzy Robotics Home Robot

Bizzy is a one-arm robot intended for use around the house to do simple chores like pick up laundry and toys, fetch a drink, and water plants. Our challenge was to create a low cost robot that was compact while maintaining a wide range of motion in order to reach items from the floor to the back of a countertop. We explored what this type of home robot should look like and concluded that it should be an efficient tool with self-explanatory design cues, more like an advanced appliance rather than a human-looking robot. The result is an iconic bot that when idle is very small with its round control face resting low, but when working the face and arms rise, deploy, and come alive. Our touch and voice-controlled UX solution focused on giving users complete intuitive command of the robots programming and tasks. Bizzy Robotics was acquired by Aeolus Robotics in 2017.

Awards & Recognitions

International Design Awards Gold, 2019IDEA Silver, 2021Chicago Athenaeum Good Design 2021